Interesting facts as well as tips and tricks about getting married


22. July 2020

5 tips for the perfect summer wedding

Getting married in the summer… a must for many couples. Especially by the water or in the countryside, such as on a beautiful meadow or in […]
5. June 2020

What to do when it rains

For months we have planned, organized and done everything to ensure that the upcoming wedding will be a wonderful experience for the bridal couple and their […]
6. May 2020

Marrying despite Corona – you need to know that

The wedding year 2020 was highlighted in red in many calendars just a few weeks ago. Whether as a guest or as a bridal couple, the […]
22. April 2020

Table decorate yourself!

If only it were that easy… Entire books can be filled with the question of the right table decorations for a wedding. Nevertheless, there are a […]
17. March 2020

My right, right seat is empty…

The seating arrangement at the wedding is a delicate point. But the same applies here: The more lead time and planning time you take, the more […]
20. February 2020

Marry beautifully

Are animals simply part of your happiness? And your partner sees it the same way? Here are some great ideas to show your love for animals […]
16. January 2020

5 inspirations for the perfect bridal hairstyle

The big day is getting closer and the nervousness is growing. All the preparations are complete, but one question is still unanswered: Which hairstyle will do […]
9. December 2019

These are the wedding trends of 2020

The year is coming to an end and it’s time to start thinking about plans for 2020. For some, preparations are already in full swing. The […]